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We Survive because of You!

Snipersonline is a NON-PROFIT Unincorporated Association that last year distributed over 900,000 individual pieces of information to professional law enforcement and military snipers around the world. All work for the association is done on a volunteer basis.

We do have operating expenses (telephone, internet access, etc..) that need to be paid for. Any contribution that you can make is greatly appreciated.

For your convenience we have established a account through Paypal so that you can conveniently make online donations.

Click on the Paypal button below and it will take you to a convenient and secure way to make your donation.

You may also mail your donation to our address at:

101 South Military Ste P # 211
Green Bay, WI 54303

Make checks payable to: Snipersonline. U. A.
Snipersonline also accepts in kind and property donations.
Please contact us for details.


In order to save on postage and office expenses Snipersonline U.A. will issue an email receipt to all that donate under $500.  A paper receipt will be issued to all that specifically request it no matter the donation amount. Paper receipts will be issued for all donations
over $500.