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Something good has started to happen for the advancement of the sniping community. It has not been because of the actions or input of any one person or organization. It is because of a great wealth of knowledge that has begun to be tapped and spread. It is because of the dedication of many and their willingness to share and learn from each other. I am offering up to every member of the sniper community a chance to become a part of this. From the trigger pullers, to the team leaders, and the commanders, all can benefit and are needed to help in this endeavor.

Ask yourself what if I needed the answer to a question. It could be on a topic from ballistics to a new product that you are considering. It used to be that the only way to answer most questions was through individual experimentation and testing. If you were lucky you knew someone that had specific knowledge that you could trust. By contacting that person you saved both money and time. Two commodities that none of us have a heavy supply of. Now what if through a simple procedure you had in your hands the capability to contact hundreds of individuals with specific knowledge. Would that be of value to you?

What is it that I am talking about? It is SNIPERSONLINE, an association that started as an Internet mailing list connecting snipers from all around the country and the world and continues to use technology to advance the sniping craft.

With the proliferation of the technology into everyone’s life the computer and email has become the fastest and most convenient way to network. By using the capabilities of this resource it is now capable to tap and share the knowledge and resources of the sniper community so that we may all learn from each other.

How does it work? One way is through a email list. A member of the list sends an email message to the list’s email address. The email message is then sent out to every member of the list. If another member of the list wishes to comment on the message they just send back an email message to the list’s address and it is also sent out to every member of the list. What develops is a running conversation through email messages, a conversation with the total list community.

Who can become an association member? The association is restricted to those that have an active interest in the field. Snipers, team leaders, commanders, trainers, and individuals of advantage to the field are all invited to apply. Only after receiving an application with proof of who they are (police or military ID, etc..) will a member be considered for acceptance into the community. This procedure helps to keep the list secure. By assuring that only those that have a need are on the list, the members may feel free to have open discussions of topics and tactics.

The list has already grown from a few to over 400 members and is expanding everyday. We have numerous names that are familiar to the sniping field already on board. There are resources from noted trainers and authors, to a member of the Department of the Army Judge Advocate General’s office. Representatives from Spain, France, and Canada are onboard and this list is still growing. This diversity adds to the value of the association because it affords different opinions and viewpoints.

So how do you become a member? Apply. Send a written request or completed application to the below address outlining your desire and qualifications. The written request is required to maintain the security of the list. Once accepted you will be sent a message to confirm your email address. You send back a reply stating that the software has the right address and you’re in. Dive in and enjoy. It’s really that simple.

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Come and join us. Your knowledge and experience could mean a great deal to another sniper. Also spread the word. Tell other qualified people that you know about the association and get them online. Together we can continue to expand the knowledge base of the sniper community.

Keith D. Deneys
Snipersonline Director